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Bugs and Issues - Rules

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Bugs and Issues - Rules Empty Bugs and Issues - Rules

Post by Hackertatio on Sun May 03, 2015 10:05 am

Hello everybody,

If you are reading this there is a chance you are having a bug or issue with anything The Five Heroes related whether that be the game, to the website.
Here are a couple rules so we can do a better job helping people.

1. Please include at least one screenshot to go along with your bug and issue so our support staff can do a better job helping.
2. Please no profanity this shouldn't be a problem as this is a forum wide rule but just putting it out there.
3. Please describe your bug or issue. Don't just say "I have a issue" actually describe it like this "I have a bug with my game. Whenever I launch it. I am getting run time error '9' I have tried reinstalling the game several times and nothing will do the trick" do you see how the second example could actually get someone to help.
4. Be polite. This should go without saying but if you are not polite people won't help you!
5. Lastly don't necropost! If you are reading the post don't comment instead send a message to the person.

Thank you for reading!

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